Potato Juice in Animal Feed
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Evironment Index:

Fresh juice concentrated by evaporation: As is: On dry matter:
Dry matter 26.9 % 100%
Crude ash 5.4% 20.1%
Crude protein 13.2% 49.1%
Crude fat 0.6% 2.2%
N-free extracts (sugars and the like) 7.7% 28.6%
Phosphorous as P 0.27% 1.00%
Potassium as K 2.61% 9.70%
pH 5.8
Feeding value, calculated (1FU ~ 1 kg barley) 29.7 FU 110.4 FU
Amino acid analysis carried out as recommended by EU-mrk. 5633/VI/79-REV.5:
Cystine 1.39 g/kg 5.17 g/kg
Methionine 1.59 g/kg 5.91 g/kg
Aspartic acid 24.06 g/kg 89.44 g/kg
Threonine 4.38 g/kg 16.28 g/kg
Serine 4.34 g/kg 16.13 g/kg
Glutamic acid 15.06 g/kg 55.99 g/kg
Proline 4.18 g/kg 15.53 g/kg
Glycine 4.18 g/kg 15.54 g/kg
Alanine 4.80 g/kg 17.84 g/kg
Valine 6.83 g/kg 25.39 g/kg
Isoleucine 4.93 g/kg 18.33 g/kg
Leucine 6.97 g/kg 25.91 g/kg
Phenylalanine 6.97 g/kg 25.91 g/kg
Histidine 2.19 g/kg 8.14 g/kg
Lysine 6.76 g/kg 25.13 g/kg
Arginine 6.75 g/kg 25.09 g/kg

The above juice is the result of evaporation of fresh and untreated potato juice. The evaporation was carried out in order to reduce volume and to improve keeping quality. The juice was fed to porker (25 - 93 kg) in a mixed diet. The diet comprises a dry feed in the form of pellets and a wet feed. Potato juice was given as part of the wet feed with potassium as the constraining element. If potato juice is the only component of the wet feed, it takes too long before the pigs adapt to the taste. It works better with a wet feed of juice and whey - half and half calculated on dry matter. The growth rate on this diet does not deviate from the growth rate on whey as the only constituent of the wet diet. The draw back of potato juice compared to whey is (1) a brief refusal to eat before the pigs adapt to the taste of the juice and (2) a stronger urinating as a consequence of the high content of inorganic salts in the juice.

Farmers are not keen to change pig diet - in particular not when the pigs hesitate to eat the new diet. This "hesitation" combined with the high cost of storage in between production campaigns and the distribution cost is in disfavour of the use of potato juice as pig feed.