Wind Power in Denmark
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In 2007 the Danes produced 7,159 GWh wind power on 5,200 wind mills with a total effect of 3.2 GW. In average 2.2 kWh was produced per annum on each kW capacity.

The estimated price for a new wind mill park at sea is 7,000 DKK/kW ~ 1,200 USD/kW at a production cost of 0.28 DKK/kWh inclusive maintenance, interest and depreciation. The investment is 3.1 DKK/kWh annual output. (One USD ~ six DKK)

A small fraction of the insolation (solar energy) powers wind and waves. The figures of practical interest, however, is the exploitable fraction over land and shallow waters near a grid. In Denmark that fraction exceeds the national energy demand. Denmark currently (2007) generates 20% of its electricity from wind and 22% was produced at sea.

Wind energy is the most cost effective of renewable sources available so far. We are preparing for testing 8 MW generators.

Our own installation at Skanderborg, Denmark is a 5% share (~ 15.8 kW) of a small wind generator park comprising two generators of 150 kW each. The average annual output of our share is 31,000 kWh. The total output of the 300 kW plant is 652.000 kWh per annum and the output is distributed over the year as illustrated below. The plant is an in-land installation, but situated close to Ejer Bavnehøj, the highest point of Denmark (172 m above sea level). The plant was installed 1988. Investment costs: 1,849,050 DKK ~ 3 DKK per kWh annual output. (One USD ~ six DKK). Now 15 years later the profit after running costs and appropriations has dropped to 14% p.a. (taxfree)

With a wind mill investment of 100.000 DKK a household may produce enough energy (35.000 kWh/year) to cover its own consumption for any purpose and at a price of approximately 0,3 DKK/kWh inclusive depreciation (25 year lifetime of wind mill).

Total investment 1988: 1,726,772 DKK. Pay Back: 4 years. Average tax-free interest 1989-2001: 16.3% p.a.