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Details on Ad: Seller. Ad No.: 103 . Advertiser No.: 95. Last updated: 25-08-2000 .
Company: YunNan RunKai Industrial Co., Ltd. . - China
Contact: M J Cheng . -
Product: Potato starch. -  USD/t: 472 - Cash - FOB .

Product INFO: 472 USD/mt FOB GuangZhou port

Company INFO: YunNan RunKai Industrial Co., Ltd. wants to sell ,CRK, brand native potato starch at 470 USD/mt FOB GuangZhou port. Our could supply 20 thousand tons ,CRK Brand,native potato starch an annual. Phone: +86 871 3536688. Telefax:+86 871 3511881. 2-306 Room KunMing International trade centre, ChunCheng Road, Kunming City, 650200. Att.: M.J. Cheng Company Profile: Yunnan Runkai Industrial Co., Ltd. – Xuanwei Industrial Starch Company Xuanwei Industrial Starch Company comes under the proprietary of “CRK”, and was founded in July, 1997 with total assets well over 150 million RMB. It has an employed staff of 140, as well as over 40 superior managers and technicians. The Head Company of Xuanwei Industrial Starch Co., is located inside the Kunming International Trade Center. The factory’s location is: Banqiao town, 4 kilometers southeast of Xunwei City, Yunnan province. As a leader in Yunnan’s potato industry, it has carried out principles that meet market requirements. The company is implementing agricultural industryialization and leads the way in agriculture, science and industry, all turned into one. The quality of “Runkai Brand” refined starch, targeted over all national (GB8884-88) superior grades, as well as EUC grades.At present, the raw potato production produces 30 tons/hr (the largest in domestic terms), on an average of 200 working days a year. It requires 160 thousand tons of potato each year and the annual production capacity reaches over 20 thousand tons of refined potato starch. It yields an annual output value of well over 100 million RMB. Due to high quality supervision, this product has a tremendous market value. The starch sales cover Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Tianjing and Beijing, etc. Our main cliental are large-scale enterprises, such as food, paper manufacturing, textiles, pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery, aquatic feed, oil and foundries, etc.As a new and modern enterprise, we have adopted an advanced management system and depend on sound financial regulations, as well as sound capital utilization. We have assembled together all kinds of specialized talents, which has gained achievement and enriched practical experience within marketing and growth in market competition. This company introduced starch-produce technology and equipments that was advanced at the end of 90s in 20 century .it has 20 thousand tons “Runkai ” brand refined starch to output. The main -product-quality indexes wholly reach and some of them are higher over the standards of the national for superior grade and also EC standards The main physical-chemical index :Moisture: 18%max Protein: <0.07% Ash: <0.25% Ph: 6—8 Purity: >99.60%(on dry basis) Whiteness: >94 Viscosity(Bu): >1200 Black points: <3points/cm2 Heavy metal(as Pb): <0.1mg/kg

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