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Details on Ad: Seller. Ad No.: 260 . Advertiser No.: 238. Last updated: 11-06-2003 .
Company: Golaad Industries Ltd. . - Nigeria
Contact: Golaad . - golaad2002@yahoo.com
Product: Cassava Chips. -  USD/t: 100 - Cash - FOB .

Product INFO: 100 USD/tFOB Lagos

Company INFO: Golaad Industries Ltd Wants to sell Cassava Chips Price per metric ton; $100 (FOB),Lagos Nigeria golaad2002@yahoo.com golaad2002@yahoo.com 8, Olafisoye street,oshinle Quarters,AKURE P.O.Box 4205, Akure ,Ondo-State,Nigeria

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Ad No UpDate Company Country will Product USD/t Details
260 11-06-2003 Golaad Industries Ltd. Nigeria sell Cassava Chips 100 ...more