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Details on Ad: Seller. Ad No.: 76 . Advertiser No.: 75. Last updated: 17-05-2000 .
Company: Tianjin Huafu Oilfield Chemicals Company Ltd. . - China
Contact: Zhu Zengcai . - zhuzc99@sohu.com
Product: Modified Starch. -  USD/t: 895 - Cash - FOB .

Product INFO: USD 895.00/MT FOB Tianjin Xin gang port.

Company INFO: Tianjin Huafu Oilfield Chemicals Company Ltd. wants to sell Modified Starch (API) 580 - 650 USD/MT FOB Tianjin Xin,gang port. The API Starch is used as control loss additive in the drilling fluid. zhuzc99@sohu.com Phone: + 86-22-2596 7145. Telefax: +86-22-25967 443. Att.: zhu zengcai Company Profile Tianjin Huafu is a specialty company manufacturing oilfield chemicals and lied in the Drilling Engineering Company of Dagang Oilfield Group. It is mainly engaged in manufacturing, marketing, importing & exporting of chemical products, supplying specialty engineering services for drilling, oil production, stimulation and sewage treatment, etc. It is a joint-stock company that includes four subsidiaries and six branch companies. Producing series of modified starch including papermaking, drilling fluid, textile, etc. Tianjin Huafu Oilfield Chemical Co., Ltd. Erdaogou, Dagang Oilfield, Tianjin, P.R. China 300280 86-22-2596-7145 86-22-2596-7443 (fax) 13612073188 Email: zhuzc99@sohu.com

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