ViscoStar - International Starch Trading Service
ViscoStar is a registered trade name owned and maintained by International Starch Trading A/S - our sister company  - devoted to the sales of products manufactured on factories supplied by us at International Starch Institute A/S. The service provided by International Starch Trading A/S is of particular interest to newcomers on the starch market, who want to enter the international market scene fast and professional. The service may be time limited or geographical limited.

Joint Operation.
The service is carried out as a joint operation based on a few simple principles:

A sales organisation is set up for the purpose with an international office at our premises and a local office tightly interacting. Customer care and support are together with logistics the main tasks of the international office. The local office maintains close and daily contact to the production and is together with production responsible for quality control and ensures goods are loaded in time. Export credit insurance and product liability insurance are important sales instruments. Launch of sales offices and their daily operations is financed by our partner. International Starch Trading A/S will oversee the day to day operation of the sales organisation and receives a fee based on sales volume. The fee includes a license to our ViscoStar trade name.