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Potato starch
The Corn Refiners Association publish analytical methods of their member companies. These publications include a section of microbiological methods.

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Methods Note

ISI 01

Dry Matter in Starch in Oven at 130 oC

ISI 02

Ash in Starch at 900 oC

ISI 03

Sulphated Ash in Starch at 525 oC

ISI 04

Dry Matter in Starch in Vacuum Oven at 70 oC

ISI 05

Dry Matter in Oven at 105 oC

ISI 06

Dry Matter in Syrup by Refractive Index

ISI 07

Starch in Pulp by Ewers

ISI 08

Fibre in Starch as Fiber Number

ISI 09

Fibre in Starch by Weight

ISI 10

Carboxyl Groups in Starch

ISI 11

Acid Factor of Starch

ISI 12


ISI 13

Starch in Tubers by Under Water Weight

ISI 14

Acetyl Content in Acetylated Stach by Titration

ISI 15

Aldehyde Groups in Oxidized Starch

ISI 16

Alkali Fluidity

ISI 17

Viscosity of Starch by Brookfield

ISI 18

Hydroxyethyl Groups in Starch

ISI 19

Viscosity of Starch by Brabender

ISI 20

Sulfur Dioxide

ISI 21


ISI 22

Starch in Fruit Water by Ewers

ISI 23

Alkali lability

ISI 24

Protein by Kjeldahl

ISI 25

Preparation of starch from tubers

ISI 26

pH of Starch and Syrup

ISI 27

Reducing Power by Lane and Eynon method

ISI 28

Reducing Power by Luff-Schoorl

ISI 29

Fungal Count in press

ISI 30

Heat Resistant Spore Count

ISI 31

Total Viable Count

ISI 32

Screening of starch

ISI 33

Baum of Starch Slurry by Centrifuge

ISI 34

Baum of Starch Slurry by Aerometer

ISI 35

Reducing Power in Starch

ISI 36

Coli Count in press

ISI 37

Colour of Adjunct Syrup

ISI 38

Cold Water Solubles in Starch by Viscometer

ISI 39

Conductivity of Starch

ISI 40

Residual Potato Juice

ISI 41


ISI 42

Free chlorine in press

ISI 43

Phosphorous in press

ISI 44

Whiteness by reflection