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The site has information on research, engineering, manufacture and application of native and modified starch and down stream products, as well as starch raw materials like potato, cassava, tapioca, yucca, corn and wheat.

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INDEX: Smiley Danish food enterprises have quality inspection reports since 2001.

INDEX: International Starch Institute Profile. We are located in the largest agro- and food development environment in Denmark. We operate world-wide and serve industries that manufacture or use starch and downstream products. How To Get There! has maps, flights, timetables and hotels.

INDEX:  Activities and Doings show what we are up to.

INDEX: Tapioca starch is used for many purposes in various industries for papermaking, textile, fast food, homemade foods, pharmaceutical products, fermentation etc. - and it is renewable.

INDEX: Market with Market Place - a Starch Seller's and Buyer's contact forum.

INDEX: Sweeteners Information on the manufacture and properties of high quality glucose and fructose syrups.

INDEX: Karl Kroyer - Danish inventor of the continuous glucose process and our predecessor.

INDEX: Methods in the Starch and Glucose Laboratory. Analytical methods applicable for routine work in starch and glucose laboratories in the hands of a skilled chemist.

INDEX: Glossary on starch and sweeteners and starch containing plants

INDEX: Applications of Starch & Sweeteners.

INDEX: Environment, energy, solar, wind, waste, agriculture, meristem etc.  

INDEX: Starch Information on the manufacture of high quality starch from corn, wheat, cassava, potato etc.

INDEX: Statistics on Starch Trade in USA, Europe - Starch Raw materials etc. Statistics on Starch & Starch Sugars on USA Production, Import and Export, Starch Raw Materials, composition and worldwide use, on Intra and Extra European Unions Starch Trade.

INDEX: Tables Various tables on chemicals, conversion of units, starch slurry concentration, steam etc.

INDEX: Links of Science List of universities world wide.

INDEX: Group Members: Agro Industries A/SDanish Biomethanol Ltd.New Fuel A/SISP Trading Ltd.

INDEX: Papers List of articles from newspapers and magazines.