Pujon, Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
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Factory location
Pujon starch factory is located in a mountainous region - northwest of Hamhung. (click to enlarge)
(N 40
o 29' 44.01", E 127o 37' 44.67").
Working conditions on site were comfortable and secure. The site was well guarded.
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Pujon Starch Factory

Pujon Potato Starch Factory

Through a rigorous pre-qualification round Korean Agricultural Cooperation Company secured the most modern and contemporary installations. Due to the specific location a complete supply, including buildings and all accessories was a must.

The construction site was located in a mountainous region. Sharp U-turns on mountain roads did not allow containers larger than 20". Nevertheless, the whole factory building was delivered pre-fabricated. The customer would simply prepare iron feets in the concrete floor. Then it took our erection team just a few weeks to raise the building and get it roofed. Opening Potato Starch Plant

The erection of the equipment went on with the same speed. The local craftsmen were capable and industrious, so it was an easy job for our supervisors to construct the entire plant and deliver it on time.

The client saved both time and money by this approach. Everything was supplied and packed at "home" and the plant could run at full speed from day one.

We stayed some time for couching the local staff enabling them to run and maintain the factory themselves.
Factory Opening. Festive opening of the brand new factory for potato starch.
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