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SmartPlant 3D

SmartPlant 3D Cuts Erection Costs.

Factory erection made at the desktop in advance dramatically reduces worries and cost at the actual erection on site. It even provides the building contractor and architects with precise requirements for the machine layout and plant operation.

Intergraph's latest 3D SmartPlant design tool has taken engineering to a new level with improved plant design and productivity in the design of our starch, sweetener and bio-fuel plants, while increasing overall design quality and data integrity.

Erection in progressFirst step was the 2D-version. In the engineering department it soon got the primary working tool - just as text editors are in the administration. The productivity encouraged us to go on and implement the 3D-version.

In short. Piping two vessels is as easy as text editing. For example, introducing a valve automatically adjust flanges, pipe lengths, correct holes where the piping passes walls and flour separations, updates material lists etc.

It took us 4,000 engineering hours + quite some programming tools to get us that far. An international support team works behind. Now we enjoy the network and all the spending together with our customers to our mutual benefit.

Classic engineering tools like AutoCAD and SolidEdge are still in use and with SmartPlant overcoming all their shortcomings when it comes to complex plant design we become a better and more valuable discussion partner to our client.

We invite more to join us in creating a national design environment. So far Haldor Topsoe, F.L. Smidth and Cowi are active SmartPlant 3D colleagues.