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Old factory goes for turnkey.
This Danish factory from 1933 was extended to a fully automated production of 12 t starch per hour round the clock seven days a week. Only two operators on each shift and a few extra hands during daytime.
Cornstarch Extension
A large sweetener manufacturer in the Middle East decided to expand and diversify: They placed a turnkey order for the extension with us, and the ideas has now been formed in steel and concrete.

Turn Key Supplies are in Demand Worldwide

Turnkey supply is very attractive. Investors may focus on return on investment - product and the economy - and leave it to the turnkey supplier to adapt the process and the various production sections seamlessly.  Fast on stream with the quality and capacity as expected.

A turnkey supply typically comprises all visible equipment inside the factory building and the process to get it to work.

It is preferred to have a local contractor to set up the building. He can take  into account all local regulations and building codes, but we supply the complete outline for the building, hole plans for floor separations and walls, weight of all machines footprints etc. A complete pre-engineered building can also be supplied and erected where the situations demands it.
Opening Glucose PlantFactory Opening. Fresh cassava is made into glucose syrup ready for drumming off or for tank lorry deliveries.

It may also be worthwhile to select a local contractor to install the factory. His fitters can be useful later in repairs, expansion and maintenance. We can also perform erection, if this is preferable.

The equipment to be erected is collected in our warehouse in Aarhus, Denmark. It may be shipped in one lot but most often we ship those items required for an early start of erection right away and items with a long manufacturing time follows later.

When the goods arrive on site our supervisors will join the local crew and together they will install the equipment. When all is connected it is time for check-up on each and every item and to make a water test to ensure proper connections. During the start up each component is checked for proper function and proper response on signals from the control room. It is important to ensure correct actions throughout before running on raw materials. Eventually the running in and commissioning of the plant takes place.

During erection and contracting we are couching your staff and after commissioning we may undertake further training and even technical management.
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