Cassava - A New Wheat Flour Extender.
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A New Wheat Flour Extender has emerged.

A new wheat flour extender based on Cassava has been developed. Any off-flavour and taste is removed from fresh cassava roots in an automatic hygienic process providing a dry food ingredient as pure and tasty as the wheat flour itself. Test in our laboratory has proved its usefulness as a wheat flour extender.

Bread with flour extenderCassava is fantastic flour extender. All you need is absolutely fresh roots, then a fully automated process takes care of the rest.

All bitter flavors are removed. Gone is the outer brown layer and the final product appears as a white neutral nutritious flour - ready to mix with traditional wheat flour for baking or as a new, healthy food in itself.

The technique used ensures a clean and hygienic food ingredient that will find applications in the modern kitchen as well as in industrial mills and bakeries.

Experiments in our laboratories have demonstrated the bland flavour of the new food item and its applicability in wheat bread.