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Honey, is a mixture of sugars formed from nectar by an enzyme, invertase, present in the bodies of bees. Honey varies in composition and flavor, depending on the source of the nectar (clover, orange blossom, sage, etc). A typical analysis of honey would show (exclusive of undetermined substances): 38% fructose, 31% glucose, 1% sucrose, 9% other sugars, 17% water and 0.17% ash. It is estimated to be approximately 25% sweeter than table sugar, so less can be used. The taste differs according to the source of pollen, and blending for optimum flavor regularly occurs. The highest quality honeys are minimally filtered to remove beeswax and bee parts, and heated just enough to facilitate packing. If the honey later recrystalizes, simply heat the jar in a pan of hot water. Honey that does not recrystalize has been overly heated and filtered.