Starch Based Salad Dressings. A salad dressing is an "oil in water" emulsion. There are two types of salad dressing, pourable (contains less than 75% oil) and spoonable (contains minimum 75% oil) - mayonnaise type.

In the production of standard starch-based salad dressing, the vinegar, salt, ViscoStar 4141 and water are heated to approximately 90 oC. Once a starch paste has formed, this mixture is cooled and then eggs, sugar, spices and oil are added. This mixture is then passed through a colloid mill prior to packaging.

Spices are added to taste depending on the type of dressing.

A pourable dressing contains typical vinegar 10%, sugar 10%, salt 2%, egg yolk solids 4%, texturizer and stabilizer 0.3-1%. The rest is made up by oil and water. Total oil may be as low as 20%.

In case of low pH  ViscoStar 4221 is the starch of choice